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We are absolutely certain that with our courses, you will be able to successfully start your career as an SMM specialist 🚀

Who is SMM training suitable for from scratch?

The online course is ideal if you:

Young businessman

Young businessman

who wants to independently manage their social networks.

Experienced businessman

Experienced businessman

wanting to learn how to control their contractors.

Internet Marketer

Internet Marketer

who want to expand their professional field of work.



who wants to learn to better understand the processes in social networks.

Beginner SMM manager

Beginner SMM manager

dreaming of expanding the range of services and increasing the price tag of their work.

Beginner in digital marketing

Beginner in digital marketing

who wants to acquire a new profession.


The profession of an SMM specialist has a number of advantages

Demanded, modern profession
Work around the world
Salary from $500
Greater freedom in decision making

After completing the course, you will receive

Knowledge in setting up targeted advertising

An entire course is devoted to this topic. You will become a real expert in targeting.

Experience in creating an SMM strategy for a brand

Not only theory, but also practice. You will get the maximum in SMM.

Practice in working with absolutely any context

Absolutely everything you need for quick sales of any product.

Ability to work with the largest competitors

Analysis and full analysis of the work of large Internet marketing agencies.

— smm-специалист  from scratch


How to effectively attract an audience, manage content, create strategies and tactics. The choice of advertising depending on the purpose.

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Watchfulness: features of management with examples of different niches (12 niches).

from zero to an expert


Absolutely everything about advertising, setting up and maintaining social networks. Setting up each type of advertising. Transfer of access to accounts.

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financial plan: how to calculate advertising budget.

— SMM and TARGET together!


Effective audience engagement, content management, strategy and tactics creation. All about advertising and its settings. Transfer of access.

Buy the 2in1 course now and get as a gift:
- Financial plan: how to calculate advertising budget
Watchfulness:features of conducting with examples of different niches (12pcs)
- Ton Of Voice

Question - Answer

Certainly! You will succeed even without special knowledge - just pay more attention to practice and read additional literature. The rest will be helped by practicing experts who accompany you throughout the course.

A document with all the information on the theoretical part with examples of accounts.
Within 2 weeks, contact with the curator.

Upon purchase, you acquire documents with courses forever.

No, the course was really created from 0. And there won't be any difficulties in understanding the information. In any case, you can contact the curator for support or to resolve the issue.

Two-week communication with the curator in Telegram.

1. Bank card
2. Cryptocurrency.
3. PayPal

what students say

Reviews about our courses 😍

We have been completely changing for 5 years the lives of our students.
and we know for sure that thanks to our specialties you will be able to successfully start your career as an SMM specialist 🚀

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